2018-2019 Meeting and Event Schedule   

January 23rd                            Board Meeting
January 25th                            General Meeting
January 18th,19th,20th            Bonspiel
February 2nd & 3rd                 Hospice Ride
February 9th                            Fun Run
February 20th                          Board Meeting
February 22nd                         General Meeting
March 2nd & 3rd                     Snodeo
March 20th                              Board Meeting
March 23rd                              Workers Party

2019 Fun Run

Medallion clues! Good Luck hunting!
Medallion #1 Clue #1:   First sighting was on kings road.
Medallion #2 Clue #1:   In the hot seat!

Jack Hausner and Butch Bellefeuille  Two of the founding members of the Naytahwuash Nightriders snowmobile club. Butch is holding a picture of his parents Buster and  Shorty. The picture was taken in 1970, Buster created the 1st trail groomer made out of wood.



Dave Guenther - 2018 Inductee to International Snowmobile Hall of Fame (ISHOF) in Eagle River, Wisconsin

Dave's fascination with snowmobiles started way back in 1963 when he was in first grade. Then, in 1970, his family bought their first snowmobile. After wearing out four motors on that sled, Dave bought his first snowmobile while still in high school. He grew up in Minnesota which was, at that time, the hotbed of snowmobile manufacturing. It allowed him to associate with many icons of the new sport, establish lasting friendships with them and become very knowledgeable about the new sport that was sweeping the country. Soon the "antique" bug infected him. His first, a 1964 Trailmaker, soon led him on a journey and mission that continues today to sustain the history of the sport through the preservation of the machines that created the sport. Dave was instrumental in the formation of the Antique Snowmobile Club of America (ASCOA), has served every office in the club, including nine years as President and  20 years as editor of the newsletter,  He has been a safety instructor for 20+ years and was the 2010 Instructor of the Year for the Minnesota DNR. With a never ending passion for snowmobiling, he has created, organized and managed numerous snowmobile shows throughout the state and has been honored with numerous awards for his snowmobile and civic achievements. For his 55 years of unselfish promotion and support of the sport, Dave Guenther is now being inducted into the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame.​

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